Martin Freeman and Eddie Piller present Jazz on the Corner

Martin Freeman and Eddie Piller present Jazz on the Corner

When DJ Eddie Piller asked Martin to do a jazz radio show they could hardly imagine the response. Now, two years on this compilation of their favourite jazz has arrived.
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Release date is March 23rd 2018 on double CD and Vinyl with deluxe gatefold packaging this is the album that will launch Acid Jazz’s 30th Anniversary celebrations.


Vinyl Tracklist (PRE-ORDER DOUBLE LP)
Side 1
Mose Allison – If You’re Going To The City (Martin)
Les McCann – Sad Little Girl (Eddie)
Lee Morgan – Psychedelic (Martin)
Eddie Harris – Listen Here (Martin)
Harold McNair – The Hipster (Eddie)
Side 2
Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers – Kozo’s Waltz (Martin)
Joe Gordon – Terra Firma Irma (Martin)
Blossom Dearie – Now At Last (Martin)
Blue Mitchell – Mi Hermano (Eddie)
Side 3
Jimmy Smith – A Walk On The Wild Side (Martin)
David Axelrod – Get Up Off Your Knees (Martin)
The Brand New Heavies – Sphynx (Eddie)
Marlena Shaw – Look At Me, Look At You (Eddie)
Charles Williams – Trees and Grass and Things (Martin)
Side 4
Geogrey Stoner – Bend Your Head Down Low (Eddie)
Blacks & Blues – Chains (Eddie)
Leon Thomas – Just in Time To See The Sun (Eddie)
Norman Connors- Mother of The Future (Eddie)
Kasami Washington – The Rhythm Changes (Martin)

Disc 1 Martin’s Side
1/ If you’re going to the city – Mose Allison (3.47)
2/ Terra firma irma – Joe Gordon (7.42)
3/ Kozo’s Waltz – Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers (6.49)
4/ Listen Here – Eddie Harris (7.37)
5/ Some kinda mean – Sam Jones (5.49)
6/ Get up off your knees – David Axelrod (3.38)
7/ Psychedelic – Lee Morgan (6.32)
8/ A walk on the wild side – Jimmy Smith (5.57)
9/ Now at last – Blossom Dearie (3.20)
10/ Trees and grass and things – Charles Williams (4.33)
11/ The Rhythm Changes – Kasami Washington (7.44)

Disc 2 Eddie’s Side
1/ Bend Your Head Down Low – Geoffrey Stoner (3.58)
2/ Just In Time To See The Sun – Leon Thomas (2.59)
3/ Chains – Blacks & Blues (3.26)
4/ Look At Me, Look At You –Marlena Shaw (4.01)
5/ Sphynx – Brand New Heavies (6.13)
6/ The Hipster – Harold McNair (4.37)
7/ Sad Little Girl- Les McCann (2.52)
8/ Mi Hermano – Blue Mitchell (5.24)
9/ Mother Of The Future – Norman Connors (6.50)
10/ Cherrystones – Eugene McDaniels (3.12)
11/ Bolivia – Ulf Sandberg (8.13)

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2 Comments on “Martin Freeman and Eddie Piller present Jazz on the Corner”

  1. Martin and Eddie,
    Your playlist for Radio 6 (filling in for Craig Charles) is FANTASTIC! I loved every single record you chose to play and also the banter.
    I have a very wide an eclectic collection of music, and as I get old, I seem to love what you played even more… and a bit of swinging and dancing with all the creaky bones, but i did! Nothing can ever be a substitute good jazz. So thank you very, very, very, much.

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