Masterpost – Black Panther Red Carpet and Press Junket interviews

Martin was paired with Andy Serkis for the press junket interviews. This masterpost includes press junket interviews from London and Los Angeles, as well as interviews carried on during the World Premiere as well as the European Premiere. Check them out under the cut. Have a little teaser with these gifs:

Updated: 27/02/2018

Los Angeles Press Junket

Fox 5 DC (Martin’s start at 27:18)

Blacktree TV:

Hollywood XYZ:

Made in Hollywood:


Hollywood today:

Marvel London Q&A


Dish Nation:


Associated Press:

ET Canadavideo

USA Today: video

Oh My Disney:

Regal Movies:


Rotten Tomatoes:

ABC10 Extra Butter:




Entertainment Studios:

The Grio:

USA Today: video video


Collider / Frosty: video

#BGNPodcast Extra – Set Visit Interview with Nate Moore, Martin Freeman and Andy Serkis: Click to access podcast

London Premiere

Offset UK Red Carpet interview: twitter video

ODE Entertainment Red Carpet interview: twitter video

Hey You Guys Red Carpet interview:

Kiss FM Red Carpet interview:

Flickering Myth red carpet interview:

GQ UK (this came from a live instagram video which is no longer available in their instagram account but you can view it in our twitter account): video

The UP Coming red carpet interview:

The Telegraph red carpet interview (Martin’s part is split in two parts):

i+d: video  (martin appears but isn’t interviewed) video (Martin appears but isn’t interviewed/asked a question)

Gordon Anderson:

London Press Junket

The Off Set UK:



MoviemaniacsDE (another one):

MTV International (Martin doesn’t appear in this, just cast members talking about him):

Sensacine: video


Screenweek TV:

Radio Times:



New Trailer Buzz:


Time Out London:

Daniele and The Talented Mr Rizzo:


Espacio Marvelita:

Marvel UK:

The Wall of Comedy:

Yahoo: video

GamesRadar: video video

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