Official information regarding Martin and Labour of Love

We’ve received a reply regarding Martin. They have confirmed that he has injured himself and was therefore unable to do some of the shows this week. We all knew this but it’s nice to have an official confirmation. Regarding when he’s going to go back to the stage, they informed us that the producers are hopeful he will be back on Monday. Still, there should be more news next week.

We shall keep you updated. Please follow our Twitter account to find out more.

Martin prevented from doing today’s two show performamce

We have learned that Martin won’t be doing today’s shows, that means neither the matinee nor the evening one. According to the box office, he intended to be available today, but his physiotherapist advised against it. Fingers crossed that he will be back on his feet by Monday. Meanwhile, his understudy will continue to replace him.

Labour of Love: Martin’s part played by his understudy due to a leg injury

Due to a leg injury we have been informed by this twitter user that Martin didn’t do the show today Thursday 12th October. His understudy – George Beach – replaced him in his role as MP David Lyons. It is not yet known how long will Martin will need to get better, but we hope it’s as soon as possible.

Image source: twitter