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We’ve added 58 new photos from different years in our Photo Gallery. These are just some of all of them, all uploaded to their corresponding gallery. If you click on the photos it will take you to a list of all the recently uploaded photos. Don’t forget to go through the different pages to view all of them!

Welcome, thank you and news

We have to admit that we were very nervous before launching the website. We’ve started planning it at the beginning of the year and it took us all this time to finally launch it. We wanted to make a website that fans like us would not just enjoy for all the Martin goodness but also can use as reference and a place for all those people who don’t have a tumblr/twitter/instagram account and just want updated Martin Freeman information.

We are overwhelmed with the reception we’ve received. It makes us really proud that it worked as smoothly as it did and that so many of you have started using it. But most importantly, we want to express our gratitude.

Thank you so much for the messages we’ve received from our Contact form and in our private social media accounts. Some of those messages included suggestions which are very interesting and we will most definitely apply them. Please keep sending them! Like any website that wants to make a difference the important thing is to listen to its users. So it’s very important for us to know what you think.

One of our many important aspects of Martin’s life is his Music which is why you can see it as a separate link on the many above. There you will find a list (which we are constantly updating) with songs that Martin has recommended, liked, danced to, etc. Some of the tracks can’t be found on Spotify so we’ve added a link to youtube and also because some countries don’t have Spotify so that provides another way to listen to music he likes. We’ve added new songs today so make sure if you have Spotify to follow our playlist: “Martin Freeman listening to…“.

Martin attends Ben Norris’ birthday party

Martin was spotted attending his cousin Ben Norris’ 50’s birthday party at a comedy club called Up The Creek in Greenwich on Sunday. He sang “Eton Rifles” with the band England Dreaming as he already did for his brother’s Jamie’s birthday.

We’ve added some photos by the photographer in charge Steve Best to our Gallery.

Labour of Love opening delayed due to actress withdrawal

Due to medical advice Sarah Lancashire who was set to star along Martin in Labour of Love is stepping down. She is going to be replaced by Tamsig Greig (known for Twelfth Night, Much Ado About Nothing, tv show Episodes, Friday Night Dinner, etc.).

This change of casting also means that there’s going to be a delay: the production now opens on 3 October, with previews from 27 September, and runs until 2 December.

Make sure you contact Delfont Mackintosh if you had tickets prior to September 27th.


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