Ghost Stories is screening first at London Film Festival

If you have been following the news, you probably know that on October 24 last year Ghost Stories began filming. A month later they wrapped filming and post-production began. Since then, there wasn’t any other news nor piece of information regarding this project.

However, today the London Film Festival lineup has been revealed and we are happy to inform that Ghost Stories is one of the films that are going to be premiering during the festival.

On BFI’s website we have the following page dedicated for Ghost Stories. There you will find the first image for this new film:

Ghost Stories

First image from Ghost Stories

Let’s remember that Martin is going to be playing Mark Priddle and is one of the 3 unresolved cases of the Occult Andy Nyman’s (who stars and is one of the directors) character Phillip Goodman – an academic and professional sceptic that is out to debunk anything supernatural – comes across with after an encounter with a parapsychologist.

The film is directed by Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman and is a throwback to classic Brit horror stories from the 70s. It finally comes to the big screen after being on the stage some time ago and scaring more than one of the spectators. The producers are Claire Jones and Robin Gutch. The film is said to be 98 minutes long and is distributed by Lionsgate.

Are you in London in October? Then write down the following screening dates:

  • October 5, 18:00 Vue Leicester Square Cinema, Screen 7.
  • October 6, 15:30 Haymarket Cinema, Screen 1.
  • October 14, 20:45, Hackney Picturehouse, Screen 1.

Tickets go on sale for the general public September 14th at 10am. It’s sooner if you are a BFI patron/member/champion. More about ticket bookings here

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Remembering Martin’s EMMY win

3 years ago (25 August 2014) Martin Freeman won an Emmy while he was sleeping. Remember this?

Two days later, he was interviewed for the BBC (over the phone) and he said about how he found out about it:

I got a text from my American agent and she said You’ve just won. I was Ah, very very nice. And then I went to sleep, and then woke up to find that Ben had won and Steven Moffat had won. And Fargo has also done really well, you know both shows I was in that had been nominated did really well so I was very pleased about that.

Rehearsals begin for Labour of Love

James Graham – writer of Martin’s new play Labour of Love – has announced that they are beginning rehearsals for the play today. This confirms yesterday’s sighting on Primrose Hill, so we know that he has been in London since yesterday at least.

Not only that but also we have a location thanks to Mr Newby who is in charge of set and costume, who published on his instagram that they are rehearsing on Jerwood Space.

Let’s hope we get some photos of the rehearsals!

More sightings in Glasgow

Martin is leaving his mark in Glasgow as more sightings are made and shared on social media. Only last night he was clubbing at a place called The Buff Club (known in Glasgow for being The place to go to for funk & soul dj sets). It was hip-hop night and he apparently danced the night away.

Today he was seen sans beard (just a bit of stubble), his regular cap and glasses at a restaurant.

We imagine he must be getting back to London pretty soon as rehearsals for Labour of Love should be starting.

Martin fronts Vodafone/Ogilvy integrated brand campaign

Back in May 2017 we heard that Martin flew from Puerto Rico (after filming his scenes for Cargo) to Mallorca (or Majorca if you want to be English about it), a beautiful island in Spain. There, the production team in charge, filmed on location of one of the most (if not the most) impressive mansions of Spain called “Sa Fortalesa” in Pollença (a town located to the north of the island) a couple of ads for the new campain for Vodafone/Ogilvy.

Today’s update: These last couple of days, Martin was seen filming in Glasgow a new ad for Vodafone. Reports indicate that they were filming in a chapel called Christ The King. We are speculating that this ad is probably the Christmas one they intented to shoot considering Martin will be busy with his new play starting September through December.

If you continue reading you will find more information as well as links to all the videos so far. We’ve also uploaded some of the campain photos and some from social media published by the actors that worked with Martin on this project.

Martin filming Vodafone ad Martin with co-star

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