Martin stars as Andy in Netflix’s Cargo

Based on a Tropfest short film that attracted millions of online views, the film will be the feature-length debut from Australian directors Yolanda Ramke and Ben Howling, Cargo is the story of a father stranded in rural Australia who has 48 hours to find a new home for his one-year-old daughter after being infected in the wake of a violent pandemic.

Rather than a zombie thriller, writer-director Ramke describes Cargo as parallel stories of “parental love — one between a father and his baby and the other between a young Aboriginal girl and her father”.

That made the difference for Martin Freeman who said to News Corp Australia Network:

I would never have done a zombie film in a million years, I mean truly, in a million years. I said that to them. The world doesn’t need another zombie film, it really doesn’t. But I just don’t think this is one. First and foremost, it was a father-daughter thing. That’s what got me. It’s a human story and I like those … I think I’m quite good in those

We’ve added some photos to our gallery (open the link for more photos):

And some photos from the filming (open the link for more photos):

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Martin attends the Baby Driver European Premiere

It all began with a tweet from someone that saw Martin looking very dapper, per usual. We were wondering if he was going somewhere when one of the squad mentioned that the Baby Driver premiere was happening today. We immediately started looking and between taxi cabs and lots of work, we saw him. He was posing with a big smile and dark sunglasses, wearing beautiful loafers with no socks, a very trademark red leather belt and a very fitted dark shirt, slightly opened (thank you summer time!). Dashing doesn’t do him justice and you can see that for yourself in the photos from the Red Carpet we are now sharing.

Martin on the RCMartin on the RC Martin on the RCMartin on the RC

Martin attends Hamlet press night in London’s West End

A twitter account alerted us about the possibility of Martin attending Andrew Scott’s Hamlet on June 15. Some minutes passed and the twitter and instagram account of the play posted a photo of Martin entering the theatre and then we knew. He was really there! He was previously seen earlier looking – as always – sharply dressed so we imagine this is where he was going to. Despite some rumours that he was dancing somewhere else later that day, those are unconfirmed and from what we could find out, quite possibly false. So rejoice in some Martin from Hamlet’s press night!

Hamlet press night Hamlet press night Hamlet press night Hamlet press night

New updates

We are slowly building Martin’s website, adding new content and filling up the gallery to launch as soon as possible. Our latest idea is the Fashion section which we are working on as long as the other ones. There you will find information regarding one of Martin’s passions: clothes. From his bespoke suits, to the pocket squares and socks.

Martin is an MP in his new play “Labour of Love”

Labour of Love follows Labour MP David Lyons, who is dedicated to modernisation and electability, whilst his constituency agent, Jean Whittaker, is more focused on principles and community. Set outside of Westminster, the political play sees the action take place in the party’s northern heartlands. A clash of philosophy, ideologies and culture, Labour of Love sets itself against the backdrop of Labour’s past 25 political years. Can it move on?

By definition “A labour of love” is a piece of hard work that you do because you enjoy it and not because you will receive money or praise for it, or because you need to do it. Under this premise The Michael Grandage Company and Headlong, will present the world premiere of James Graham’s new play Labour of Love, starring Martin Freeman and Sarah Lancashire at the Noël Coward Theatre from 15 September to 2 December 2017.

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