Martin at the Childline Ball

Last night Martin attended the Childline Ball at Old Billingsgate. This event seeks to raise funds to the Chidline service and tables can cost up to £6000!

During the event he was on stage and told a story and here you have Martin telling why he chose to tell it:

There are very few images of the event in HQ quality and most of them come from social media. We’ve added the photos to our “Sightings” category in our Gallery.


Short clips from Ian McKellen Playing the Part

A few short clips from the interview Graham Norton did to Ian McKellen after the documentary Ian McKellen Playing the Part, to which Martin was invited have been published.

Here’s a gif from one of the short clips, we’ve uploaded them in case they get deleted but you have the original source next to the title of each.

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Martin on CONAN

As part of the Black Panther press tour, Martin was a guest at the Conan O’Brien show on TBS last night. Here are two videos of Martin’s brilliant participation:

Also remember to check out our twitter account and instagram for small videos before his appearance.