Some further information about Ode to Joy

The still mysterious Ode to Joy – that is being shown in many indie festivals around the US – ahead of its opening in RiverRun Festival is giving us further information about the characters and the film itself.

RiverRun kicks off with this charming romantic comedy-drama. Martin Freeman (“Sherlock,” the “Hobbit” movies) stars as Charlie, a nebbishy librarian. His life is unrelentingly dull because he has to live that way — he has a condition that causes him to pass out when he experiences too much happiness.
As odd as that sounds, it’s a real condition known as cataplexy, a form of narcolepsy triggered by strong emotions, and was the subject of a segment on the radio show “This American Life.” That interview, titled “I’ve Fallen in Love and I Can’t Get Up,” aired in June 2010.
Charlie’s coworkers and his family — particularly his endearing if lunk-headed kid brother, played Jake Lacy, an alumnus of the UNC School of the Arts — try to help him get through his days pleasantly but without too much joy. But one day a dysfunctional, funny and gorgeous woman named Francesca (Morena Baccarin of “Firefly” and “Homeland”) catches his eye. Comedic mishaps follow as the characters get to know each other and complications arise.
The film manages, mostly, to have fun with the implications of his condition without making fun of his condition, resulting in a genial, bittersweet, but often laugh-out-loud tale.

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Martin Freeman on Desert Island Discs

It’s been announced (or more like found) that Martin is expected to appear next Sunday (March 31st) on the podcast/radio show from BBC Radio 4 “Desert Island Discs”.

The roughtly 40 minutes’ show’s premise is: “Eight tracks, a book and a luxury: what would you take to a desert island? A castaway guest shares the soundtrack of their lives.” So expect to get some more of Martin’s favourite tracks some are probably going to be included in the upcoming “Soul on the Corner” compilation that’s going to come out on May.

How can you listen to it? Several ways:

Soul on the Corner cover and pre-order

We finally have news about Martin and Eddie Piller’s new compilation album: “Martin Freeman and Eddie Piller present Soul on the Corner”.

Let’s get to what most of us were waiting for and that is the album cover! This beautiful blue wall contrasts perfectly with Martin and Eddie’s matching outfits. A simple design and color palette that reminds us of the Blue Notes Records cover designs.

Soul on the Corner Cover Art. Photograph by Dean Chalkley.

You can preorder the album from the following:

Take into account that as indicated in Acid Jazz page, the track list for the CD version is different from the LP one. We’ve created a playlist with the LP tracklist – not all songs are available though mind: Spotify

BBC’s Comic Relief 2019: Team Freeman!

BBC’s Comic Relief 2019: Team Freeman!

Martin is again participating in this year’s BBC’s Comic Relief. He will be part of the “University Challenge” which will broadcast on BBC TWO on March 15 at 10pm UK Time.

The programme’s website – where you will be able to watch it once it’s over from UK IP addresses – is here:

The host of this show will be David Baddiel and will be joined by Martin Freeman as one of the team leaders and Jason Manford as the other one. Also on the teams: Emily Atack, Kerry Godliman, Robert Rinder, Vick Hope, Luisa Omielan and Darren Harriott which will all compete to win in an ultimate quiz.