Labour of Love reheasal photos

Today WhatsOnStage – a leading online publication of all things theatre – published some exclusive photos of rehearsals for Labour of Love taken at Jerwood Studio. The photos were taken by Marc Brenner – who also took the photos for Martin’s Richard III. Even though they are not HQ, we’ve uploaded them to our gallery to share with all of you, click on the photo to view the rest.


Startup season 2 episodes 1 to 3 exclusive preview for Amazon Fire

Yesterday (Monday 18th) the people behind Startup announced that the first 3 episodes are available for owners of Amazon Fire tablets or Amazon Fire TV. Needless to say this is a preview before the long awaited season 2 that is set to premiere free on Crackle’s platform.

However, a very kind Martin fan (Amanda from has access to Amazon Fire TV and generously allowed us to share with you some screen captures of Martin’s scenes from these first episodes and they are already in our gallery which you can access from the link above or clicking any of the selected photos we are showing below.

Martin attends Ben Norris’ birthday party

Martin was spotted attending his cousin Ben Norris’ 50’s birthday party at a comedy club called Up The Creek in Greenwich on Sunday. He sang “Eton Rifles” with the band England Dreaming as he already did for his brother’s Jamie’s birthday.

We’ve added some photos by the photographer in charge Steve Best to our Gallery.

Labour of Love opening delayed due to actress withdrawal

Due to medical advice Sarah Lancashire who was set to star along Martin in Labour of Love is stepping down. She is going to be replaced by Tamsig Greig (known for Twelfth Night, Much Ado About Nothing, tv show Episodes, Friday Night Dinner, etc.).

This change of casting also means that there’s going to be a delay: the production now opens on 3 October, with previews from 27 September, and runs until 2 December.

Make sure you contact Delfont Mackintosh if you had tickets prior to September 27th.


Ghost Stories is screening first at London Film Festival

If you have been following the news, you probably know that on October 24 last year Ghost Stories began filming. A month later they wrapped filming and post-production began. Since then, there wasn’t any other news nor piece of information regarding this project.

However, today the London Film Festival lineup has been revealed and we are happy to inform that Ghost Stories is one of the films that are going to be premiering during the festival.

On BFI’s website we have the following page dedicated for Ghost Stories. There you will find the first image for this new film:

Ghost Stories

First image from Ghost Stories

Let’s remember that Martin is going to be playing Mark Priddle and is one of the 3 unresolved cases of the Occult Andy Nyman’s (who stars and is one of the directors) character Phillip Goodman – an academic and professional sceptic that is out to debunk anything supernatural – comes across with after an encounter with a parapsychologist.

The film is directed by Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman and is a throwback to classic Brit horror stories from the 70s. It finally comes to the big screen after being on the stage some time ago and scaring more than one of the spectators. The producers are Claire Jones and Robin Gutch. The film is said to be 98 minutes long and is distributed by Lionsgate.

Are you in London in October? Then write down the following screening dates:

  • October 5, 18:00 Vue Leicester Square Cinema, Screen 7.
  • October 6, 15:30 Haymarket Cinema, Screen 1.
  • October 14, 20:45, Hackney Picturehouse, Screen 1.

Tickets go on sale for the general public September 14th at 10am. It’s sooner if you are a BFI patron/member/champion. More about ticket bookings here

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