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New updates

We are slowly building Martin’s website, adding new content and filling up the gallery to launch as soon as possible. Our latest idea is the Fashion section which we are working on as long as the other ones. There you will find information regarding one of Martin’s passions: clothes. From his bespoke suits, to the pocket squares and socks.

Hello and welcome

Hello visitors and welcome to Martin Freeman’s #1 fansite. We’re a group of very devoted Martin fans that believe that this amazing actor MUST have a fansite that can gather all his fans from around the world and keep all of them updated with not just news but photos. So here come us to fill that need. We aim to update this website with all sorts of new information regarding him, including sightings and updates on his projects, as well as an updated photo gallery and of course his information such as biography, awards, articles, etc. If you have any suggestions, please let us know by contacting us in the About page or adding your comment here. You should follow us on instagram, tumblr and twitter for updates. Thanks for stopping by and we hope you come back often!