Martin Freeman at the Graham Norton Show

The Graham Norton Show is recorded on Thursdays and it airs the following Friday. That means we get photos from the show a day before it airs! Since Martin’s 2018 appearance on the show is programmed for Friday 13, that means we have photos of the filming of the show today which we’ve uploaded to the gallery.

Click on the photo to access the different photos in glorious UHQ:

Here are some clips from the show from Graham Norton’s channel:

You can watch for 29 days since the air date and only if you are in the UK or have an UK ip address the show here.

Lucca Film Festival Press Conference – UHQ pics and videos

This morning a press conference was held for the Lucca Film Festival to which Martin was invited to receive an award and also present Ghost Stories with a brief q&a afterwards.

We’ve added 12 UHQ photos from the press conference, as well as other photos from the Festivals facebook page. We’ve posted on both our instagram and twitter account other photos taken by fans which you should check out too.

Check out our gallery by clicking any of the photos below:

There are a few videos:

  1. It’s a short but good summary of the press conference. The pro is that it’s in HD and it has some nice close ups of Martin. The cons is that there’s an interpreter talking on top of him so you can’t really hear what he’s saying 🙁 We published some screenshots in this thread.
  2. Full press conference. The pros of this video is that it’s the full press conference and it’s in english so you can understand what he says. The cons is that the video even though it’s in HD it does not look much HD and it’s a bit saturated color-wise, also the audio is not that good.

Some short clips are available from facebook page for specific questions:

Mike Priddle’s music tasteFighting between Smaug, Ghost or ZombiesA paranormal experience on set of Ghost StoriesBelieving in the paranormal.

There was also an interview for Rai Toscana, which you can watch on their website, or here. Unfortunately Martin’s voice is covered by an interpreter in Italian:


Martin at Romics Festival Photos

Martin was at Romics Festival in Rome on Saturday 7 and Sunday 8. On Saturday there was a public and general forum and on Sunday he received an award for his work. He’s the first actor to receive the Romics D’Oro!

We’ve uploaded the photos available from Romics facebook page to our gallery. Click on any of the samples below to access the entire album and view them in full size.

Ghost Stories photocall for Adler Entertainment – UHQ photos

Martin arrived in Rome today and his first public appearance was a the Ghost Stories photocall organised by Adler Entertainment who is distributing the film in Italy.

Throughout the day there were many short videos and photos on social media which you can check in either our instagram account or twitter account.

We’ve added a new album with 79 UHQ untagged photos of this event. Click on any of the photos below to access the gallery and view them in full size:


Cargo: new trailer and photos

We were surprised to finally have more information about Cargo today. Not only we have a new trailer, the film now has an official page: where you can find an interesting photo gallery and some behind the scenes photos too.

The official poster for the film was also uploaded and it’s in our gallery, click the photo to view it in full size in our gallery:

You can watch the trailer here:

We’ve uploaded the stills and behind the scenes are also in our gallery, Here are just some, but click on any of them to access it and view all the rest!