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We’ve added lots of new UHQ photos from different albums, click on the title of the album to access the photos:

Martin stars in Vodafone’s new Ultimate Speed Campaign

As we’ve mentioned in a previous post, a teaser was published a couple of days ago of a new Vodafone ad featuring Martin. We later found out that he is not actually in space but playing some sort of online game. The full video with the ad was finally published on this website.

Here’s a little gif for you where you can hear him say mockingly “Uuuh, get Vodafone!” to the other player who is telling Martin’s character to get Vodafone for a better Internet experience since he got disconnected again:

There are also some beautiful photos from the filming that we’ve added to our gallery thanks to their Media Centre. Click on the photo below to access the gallery:


Martin shot a pilot for a new comedy tv series called Breeders

Martin has shot the pilot of what could be come his first TV comedy in almost a decade. The pilot is for a show called Breeders (for the BBC and FX networks in the US) that originated in a dream as he told Jocks and Nerds magazine last year (summer edition):

‘I’ve got a comedy thing in the pipeline that I’m helping to create’ he told Jocks and Nerds magazine last year. ‘Based on a dream I had, actually. It was sort of true, true about the way I feel about something. So I’m getting together with a very good writer and a very good director and we’re hammering that out at the moment.’

The pilot is also starring Michael Gambon and Daisy Haggard. It was written by Simon Blackwell (writer on The Thick of It, Veep) and was directed by The Inbetweeners’ Ben Palmer. Further information regarding the pilot’s plot is not yet informed neither is his role.

It was filmed in London during January, with locations including a tapas restaurant in Twickenham. However, the pilot will not be broadcast. Fingers crossed it’s greenlit and makes it to series.

Source: Chortle

New Vodafone teaser ad

Today twitter account Framestore published a tweet containing a video and only the words ‘coming soon’, a rocket emoji and a date: March 2nd, 2018. At the time it was a mystery what that was about. Martin in Space?

And then the video was also published on Youtube on Vodafone’s channel here (it’s geoblocked if you are not from the UK). So that gave us a big big hint. At the same time, this article from The Telegraph was found indicating that Vodafone is installing 4g network on the moon, so we assume it’s related as well.

The full ad should be published in 2 days, ie March 2nd, 2018.

So check out the video on the previously mentioned tweet. Here’s a little gif to show you what it’s about:


Martin Freeman’s Ode to Joy character revealed

Thanks to this interview we were able to know what character Martin is playing in Ode To Joy, this still quite mysterious new film he made in NY last year. As we have found out from IMDB he plays “Charlie” but now we know that Martin Freeman’s Charlie is a librarian who is regularly visited by a kid name Victor played by the actor Ellis Rubin, who was the one who spilled the beans during this interview on who is Martin playing. So thank you Ellis and hope we continue to get more information about this project.

Masterpost – Black Panther Red Carpet and Press Junket interviews

Martin was paired with Andy Serkis for the press junket interviews. This masterpost includes press junket interviews from London and Los Angeles, as well as interviews carried on during the World Premiere as well as the European Premiere. Check them out under the cut. Have a little teaser with these gifs:

Updated: 27/02/2018

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