New interview with Martin about Cargo

A new interview with Martin Freeman about his experience filming Cargo was published where you can also see some BTS material from Cargo as well as an interview with filmmakers Yolanda Ramke and Ben Howling.

You can check out the interview on the facebook page where it was published here. In case it gets deleted we’ve uploaded it here:

Photos of Martin attending and presenting at the BAFTA TV Awards 2018

If you follow us on twitter or instagram, we published that Martin was confirmed to attend the BAFTA TV Awards this year as he did a couple of years ago. He was there not just to attend the ceremony but also to present the award for Leading Actress.

In our twitter and instagram accounts you can find photos with fans and some videos posted on BAFTA’s or BBC’s accounts.

You can rewatch the red carpet on BAFTA’s youtube channel. Martin only appears briefly towards the end.

We’ve uploaded UHQ photos from the Red Carpet as well as him presenting the award in our gallery. Check them out here.


Martin to star in a new old play for Pinter at the Pinter

A series of plays will be held at the Harold Pinter theatre from September 6 through February 23rd as the 30th anniversary of Nobel prize winner and playwright Harold Pinter called “Pinter at the Pinter”:

More information about this event can be found here.

Martin will star alongside Danny Dyer from Eastenders fame in the last of the set of plays called The Dumb Waiter:

As the image shows, this will run from January 31st through February 23rd. On February 12nd there will be a Q&A as well.

Tickets are on sale here.