New Vodafone ad featuring Martin Freeman

We’ve heard that there’s a new Vodafone ad doing its rounds on UK TV featuring Martin. This ad – which is not the one that was shot during August last year at Glasgow – was shot last December (December 7th) at the Royal Ascot Racecourse in Berkshire, England. We don’t have videos or images about this except the ones you can see in the facebook link above where you can spot a red backpack that’s being carried by Martin. We were told that this is what the ad is about:

Basically Martin gets chased down an escalator and into a supplies closet because he accidentally picked up a kid’s bag instead of his own. Luckily the adults with the kid have a Vodafone app to track the bag to Martin.

If you have more information, screen captures or video that you can or are allowed to share let us know.

Martin Freeman about his character Everett K. Ross

Several articles appeared with quotes from Martin regarding his character Everett K. Ross. More will probably be published as we are only 3 weeks away from the premiere of Black Panther. Let’s see what he says. Click on Read more to continue reading.

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Martin on Marvel and secrecy

In this article from ComicBook Martin confirms he has a large role in the upcoming Black Panther movie:

“As far as I was concerned, that was the idea. I don’t think I’m getting killed for that,” Freeman shared with about being teased in the MCU and finally getting to confirm his larger role in Black Panther. “Yeah, that was my understanding.”

He also discusses being able to talk about a job without saying too much, keeping secrets while promoting is not an easy job:

“While I’m talking now, I’m still not quite sure of what I can or I think I can, you know?” Freeman admitted. “It’s always nice to talk about a job, but at the same time pretty much every job every actor does now is like working for the real CIA. So, it comes with that package of, ‘What did I just say? Am I allowed to say that?’ So yeah, you’re always walking a tightrope between wanting to talk about this job you’re enjoying but also not messing it up and pissing the producers off.”

Ghost Stories to be available in streaming service Hulu

It was informed by The Slanted and Deadline that following Sundance Film Festival, Hulu and IFC Midnight (company in charge of the rights to Ghost Stories in the US) have made a deal that will grant Hulu exclusive subscription streaming rights to current and future non-documentary films released by IFC Midnight.

They will be released on that streaming site following the theatrical release. As you probably know, Ghost Stories is one of the movies that IFC Midnight has the rights to.

As it’s known Hulu is a subscription based streaming platform only available to people in the US. For this reason and since we know not every fan of Martin Freeman is based there we asked IFC Midnight as well as Andy Nyman and Jeremy to comment on this. IFC Midgnight informed us that: Ghost Stories will also be available as VOD, DVD, Blu-Ray following the theatrical release and only then in Hulu. LionsGate who holds the rights in the UK is yet to comment whether DVDs/Blu-Rays will be available but we imagine it will be since it’s a British movie after all. Availability of DVD/Blu-Rays outside these two countries was not confirmed, as well as it will depend on each country whether they will show it on the big screen. Fingers crossed for everyone outside the US/UK (which includes us).

New interview: Martin Freeman Dishes on his ‘Black Panther’ Action Scenes

A 3 minutes interview was published by the folks at ExtraTV. This was filmed at an unknown location where they were filming the casino scenes. It’s funny and Martin talks about his action scenes and how much he likes working with director Ryan Coogler. It’s a great interview so we really recommend you to check it out!

There’s another interview, in this case with Lupita Nyong’o where you can see another question made to Martin regarding his character. Check out that interview here. There are some little bts also from the filming of the casino scene and you can see Martin being helped by T’Challa and also meeting Klaue there. The question the interviewer asked him was “How does your character fit in this whole universe?”, this is Martin’s response.

Ghost Stories to be featured in Glasgow Film Festival 2018

It was announced that during this years’ Glasgow Film Festival to be held from 21 February to 4 March 2018, attendees will be able to watch Ghost Stories. The dates set for the film are: March 1st, 2nd and 3rd. It was informed on this website that there will be a Q&A with Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson following the screening and also will be presenting the film before it starts.