Martin will star opposite Diane Kruger in The Operative

A new project for Martin! And in this case is a full feature film based on the book titled “The English Teacher” written by former Israeli intelligence officer Yiftach Reicher Atir.

The film follows Rachel (Kruger), a rogue spy from Israel’s feared national intelligence force Mossad, vanishes without a trace while attending her father’s funeral in London. The only clue to her whereabouts is a cryptic phone call she places to her former handler Thomas (Freeman), who is then summoned from Germany to Israel by Mossad. With Rachel’s life immersed in her assignments as part of a vast espionage effort against Iran’s nuclear program, Thomas must retrace her steps to determine what threats she may now pose to their operation, while also working to protect her.

Filming is slated to begin next month in Israel and Bulgaria. Spiro Films’ Eitan Mansuri, Archer Gray’s Anne Carey, and Match Factory Production’s Michael Weber and Viola Fügen are producers. Black Bear Pictures’ Teddy Schwarzman will executive produce and finance. Le Pacte’s Jean Labadie is co-producing the film, which is supported by the Israeli Film Fund, Film and Medienstiftung NRW, MDM and Minitraité.

Source: Deadline