Official posters and trailers for Ghost Stories

The day has finally come in which we not only get the official posters for Ghost Stories – featuring each one of the main characters – but also 3 different trailers. At first it might seem like they are the same, but trust us, they are not. We’ve made them available in this post for you to watch and download.

As we’ve mentioned before, Martin plays Mike Priddle who is one of the 3 cases Professor Phillip Goodman is told to solve. Let’s remember that Andy Nyman (who stars in the film as Prof. Phillip Goodman) as well as Jeremy Dyson are the creators of this story, writers and directors.

As we’ve said there are 4 different posts (one for each one of the 3 cases and also one for the professor), we’re publishing all of them in our gallery, here is the one in which you can see Martin, click on the photo to go to the Gallery where you can see it in full size:

As we’ve said, there are also 3 trailers each one of the feature each of the 3 main stories and bits of the rest of the film, click on READ MORE to view some screen captures from them (and to access the gallery where you can find more of those) and also download links for the 3 trailers. Here’s the one for Martin’s story, ie Mike Priddle’s.

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Labour of Love track list

We mentioned some of the songs that are played during this theatre production such as Moon River, Ghost Town and Under Pressure, but this twitter user and fan made a Spotify playlist that LoL set and costume designer Lee Newby kindly shared with us. You will need a Spotify account I believe to play it, but if you don’t have it under the read more you will see the entire track list in order

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New old photos from a 2006 BBC Radio 4 production

Our kind contributor S let us know about a couple of photos from a 2006 photoshoot with photographer Rolf Marriott Martin and co-stars did for the BBC Radio 4 production of “A Man For All Seasons“. This was a radio production that starred Charles Dance as Sir Thomas More, Brian Cox as Henry VIII, Julian Rhind-Tutt as Richard Rich, Romola Garai as Meg, and Martin Freeman as Roper. The photos were taken on June 19 2006 while the play aired on BBC Radio 4 on October 7, 2006.

We added those 2 photos to our gallery, here’s one of them. Click on it to see the other photo in our gallery.


‘Whither would you go?’ Gala – UHQ photos

The “Whither would you go?” gala was held today at Harold Pinter Theatre. Martin as we’ve mentioned before was part of the cast. As some social account informed us (ig), Martin read Hamlet: To Be or Not to Be from act 3 scene 1.

There are many photos from social media which you can check both in our Instagram or Twitter accounts.

We’ve uploaded 9 UHQ photos from the backstage of this gala to our Gallery. Go check it out by clicking here, or click on the sample below which will lead you to the gallery.

As you know, 100% of the proceeds from this event will go to the UN Refugee Agency. If you want to donate you can do so here.

Martin is one of London’s most influential people of 2017

Martin Freeman is named by Evening Standard’s “The Progress 1000” one of the most influential people, performers – screen.

In this publication they say the following about him:

Elementary, my dear Martin… Freeman gained a reputation for comedy in The Office, a flair for exasperation in Sherlock, and a remarkable way with dwarves in The Hobbit. But this year saw him return to the stage, impressing in political drama Labour of Love, co-starring Tamsin Greig and written by James Graham. He’s also keeping his toe in the blockbuster world with a role in Marvel’s Black Panther.

This article includes other names such as Idris Elba, Tom Holland, Ian Mckellen, Benedict Cumberbatch, Ruth Negga, Claire Foy, Naomie Harris, among several others. Kudos to Martin!