Startup season 2 episodes 1 to 3 exclusive preview for Amazon Fire

Yesterday (Monday 18th) the people behind Startup announced that the first 3 episodes are available for owners of Amazon Fire tablets or Amazon Fire TV. Needless to say this is a preview before the long awaited season 2 that is set to premiere free on Crackle’s platform.

However, a very kind Martin fan (Amanda from has access to Amazon Fire TV and generously allowed us to share with you some screen captures of Martin’s scenes from these first episodes and they are already in our gallery which you can access from the link above or clicking any of the selected photos we are showing below.

New old photos of Martin’s earlier work

A very kind contributor and visitor to our website told us about some photos of Martin and a fellow actor (Emma Kennedy) that they’ve found on the actress’ website. Even though they weren’t working, we managed to find them anyway and we’re uploading them. They are small but it shows a 2002 Martin working on stage in Soho Theatre for a festival called “Under 11’s”. Thank you, S!

New photos added

We’ve added 58 new photos from different years in our Photo Gallery. These are just some of all of them, all uploaded to their corresponding gallery. If you click on the photos it will take you to a list of all the recently uploaded photos. Don’t forget to go through the different pages to view all of them!