Martin films Vodafone’s Christmas ad

It was reported during the week that Martin was going to be filming a Christmas ad for Vodafone in Aldbourne, Wiltshire.

After some other tweets and posts on Instagram informing that there was an ice rink and also a double making stunts in the ice, on the night of October 5th we finally saw a tweet with a video of Martin arriving to the set with a video:

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The story that inspired Ode to Joy

The still mysterious film that Martin filmed in NY during 2017 “Ode to Joy” was inspired by a story written by Portland writer Chris Higgins for the radio program and podcast “This American Life”.

The story is called “I’ve fallen in love and I can’t get up” and was published during June, 2010.

The summary is pretty much what we told you about in a previous post:

Four years ago, Matt Frerking started having attacks where he simply couldn’t move his body. That’s strange in itself, but what’s even stranger is the apparent cause of the problem, which is known as cataplexy.

You can listen to the story read by the author here.

Radio special: “6 Music celebrates The White Album”

Martin will be joined by Giles Martin, Bill Nighy, David Quantick and Nile Rodgers, among others to listen to The Beatles’ “White Album” next October 14.

The programme’s website states that it’s going to be a “live listening experience” and will start at 2pm, lasting for 4 hours. You can listen to it live on BBC Radio 6, or after it airs on the programme’s website iplayer.


Martin at the Childline Ball

Last night Martin attended the Childline Ball at Old Billingsgate. This event seeks to raise funds to the Chidline service and tables can cost up to £6000!

During the event he was on stage and told a story and here you have Martin telling why he chose to tell it:

There are very few images of the event in HQ quality and most of them come from social media. We’ve added the photos to our “Sightings” category in our Gallery.


Radio special with Martin Freeman “Paul Weller at 60”

Next October 12, Martin will take all of us on a 2 hours journey through the many musical faces of Paul Weller who turned 60 this year.

The show will be on BBC Radio 6 AT 7PM UK Time and will be available after it airs on BBC Iplayer. You should bookmark the programme’s website since you will be able to listen to it there after it airs.