Breeders is GO!

We finally have some news about Breeders and it’s the best ones: Breeders has been officially confirmed.

Deadline published today that FX & Sky Team will be teaming up and they picked up the 10 part show that will air in 2020. The show is going to be produced by Avalon Television (producers of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and Catastrophe).

We finally have more information regaring the plot: Breeder exposes the paradox of parenting where it is possible, in the same moment, to love your child, while being angry at them. Martin Freeman will star as a caring father discovering he’s not quite the man he thought he was. The pilot was filmed sometime around March when we first heard the news.

Martin said about the proyect that he’s co-creator, producer and will star in it as well:

I’m excited to be making Breeders with a team that can make me laugh while we look at some of the less-discussed truths and challenges of being a parent. I really love this project and am delighted to be working with FX and Sky.

You can read more in Deadline’s article.

Martin Freeman hosts The White Album celebration at BBC Radio 6 Music

Martin was joined today by several guests to celebrate and listen to The White Album at BBC Radio 6 music. The show was not live but we had 3 hours of exquisite music and interesting behind the scenes stories even from George Harrisons’ son.

Here are some photos from when they recorded the show:

You can listen to the show again using any of these means:

We’ve made a Spotify list too with the tracks played, consider that they played some other songs besides the ones from The White Album:

You can also check out the tracklist here or from the iplayer page:


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Martin played 2 hours of Paul Weller songs on BBC Radio 6 Music

As we were all expecting, Martin delivered a superb show today playing 2 hours of Paul Weller songs through his years: Paul Weller at 60. 31 songs in total and ending with a must for those who know Martin: Shout to the top.

If you missed it live or you want to listen to it again you can do so by:
Going to the programme’s website and listening to it on the iplayer for 29 days
– We downloaded it so you don’t miss it after 29 days and you can get it here.

We’ve also made a Spotify list which you can access here:

On the programme’s website you can check out the tracklist as well as on our playlist, but if you just want a list of tracks continue reading.

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Martin films Vodafone’s Christmas ad

It was reported during the week that Martin was going to be filming a Christmas ad for Vodafone in Aldbourne, Wiltshire.

After some other tweets and posts on Instagram informing that there was an ice rink and also a double making stunts in the ice, on the night of October 5th we finally saw a tweet with a video of Martin arriving to the set with a video:

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The story that inspired Ode to Joy

The still mysterious film that Martin filmed in NY during 2017 “Ode to Joy” was inspired by a story written by Portland writer Chris Higgins for the radio program and podcast “This American Life”.

The story is called “I’ve fallen in love and I can’t get up” and was published during June, 2010.

The summary is pretty much what we told you about in a previous post:

Four years ago, Matt Frerking started having attacks where he simply couldn’t move his body. That’s strange in itself, but what’s even stranger is the apparent cause of the problem, which is known as cataplexy.

You can listen to the story read by the author here.