Newsletter available again.

After having to move servers, we are now able to offer the newsletter again which we had to discontinue due for technical reasons. Since most of the subscribers come from 2017 (last year was mostly closed), we would like to know if you are still interested in this possibility. We received a number of emails regarding it during the first half of 2018 but we couldn’t tell at the time when it was going to become available.

So, please contact us, or leave a message here or in any of our social media accounts to let us know if you are interested in subscribing to our newsletter with updates we add to the site.

Large gallery update!

As you might have noticed we’ve made some changes to the organization of our Gallery mostly in terms of Martin’s work. We hope it makes it easier to find images from his work this way. We have still have plenty more to upload but we prefer to pace it instead of publishing everything at once, this way you can enjoy pictures that they could get lost if we publish everything at once.

We’ve uploaded several albums between yesterday and today:

Swinging with the Finnkels – Set photos (62 photos)

The Good Night – Promotional stills (8 photos)

BBC Sherlock – On Set photos s1 s2 s3 (over 130)

Lots of new photos added to the gallery

We’ve added lots of new UHQ photos from different albums, click on the title of the album to access the photos: