BBC’s Comic Relief 2019: Team Freeman!

BBC’s Comic Relief 2019: Team Freeman!

Martin is again participating in this year’s BBC’s Comic Relief. He will be part of the “University Challenge” which will broadcast on BBC TWO on March 15 at 10pm UK Time.

The programme’s website – where you will be able to watch it once it’s over from UK IP addresses – is here:

The host of this show will be David Baddiel and will be joined by Martin Freeman as one of the team leaders and Jason Manford as the other one. Also on the teams: Emily Atack, Kerry Godliman, Robert Rinder, Vick Hope, Luisa Omielan and Darren Harriott which will all compete to win in an ultimate quiz.

Martin Freeman signed photograph for auction

There’s an ongoing auction to raise funds for photographer Sarah Dunn who has worked with Martin on many occassions. Martin and more than 20 actors have signed a limited print edition of photos that Sarah took. You can help by placing your bid here.

This is the photo that’s being auction, that’s been signed by Martin Freeman.

About the Charity: On the afternoon of April 3rd 2018 Sarah was struck by a speeding car as she crossed a street near her home in Los Angeles. While the impact spared most of her major organs, she suffered serious brain trauma. She now faces a long and difficult fight to return to the vibrant talent she was before the accident and needs extensive specialized care to recover fully and get back to making art.

Martin at the Childline Ball

Last night Martin attended the Childline Ball at Old Billingsgate. This event seeks to raise funds to the Chidline service and tables can cost up to £6000!

During the event he was on stage and told a story and here you have Martin telling why he chose to tell it:

There are very few images of the event in HQ quality and most of them come from social media. We’ve added the photos to our “Sightings” category in our Gallery.


Martin Freeman voices a VR experience for GOSH fundraiser

Great Ormond Street Hospital has launched a virtual reality (VR) Christmas campaign (aimed at companies) that explores life on the ward for children, narrated by Martin.

When asked about this new fundraiser, Martin said:

Christmas is a precious time for families to be together, but some children at GOSH won’t be well enough to go home. Staff at this fantastic hospital will make it as special as they can for all their patients, and watching this film really helps you feel like you are there in the moment with these brave children and young people. Having visited GOSH myself, as well as having been a patient there, it’s an honour for me to help share this story and I hope lots of companies will dig deep to support such a brilliant cause this Christmas.

Click on the images to go to the album to view them in full size.

For more information about this campaign click here.

‘Whither would you go?’ Gala – UHQ photos

The “Whither would you go?” gala was held today at Harold Pinter Theatre. Martin as we’ve mentioned before was part of the cast. As some social account informed us (ig), Martin read Hamlet: To Be or Not to Be from act 3 scene 1.

There are many photos from social media which you can check both in our Instagram or Twitter accounts.

We’ve uploaded 9 UHQ photos from the backstage of this gala to our Gallery. Go check it out by clicking here, or click on the sample below which will lead you to the gallery.

As you know, 100% of the proceeds from this event will go to the UN Refugee Agency. If you want to donate you can do so here.