James Graham special: Labour of Love scenes

During yesterday’s broadcast on BBC One of James Graham’s special we were able to enjoy some interviews with Martin Freeman and Tamsin Greig both of the stars of 2017’s Labour of Love as well as some scenes from the read-through and last but not least, actual scenes from the play!

We’ve made some gifs from them so if you were unable to attend you can at least know the set and the different settings/wardrobe and scenes.

Check them out below.

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BTS photo of Martin filming a clip for Labour of Love

Between scenes in the play Labour of Love you were able to see some clips from current (to the moment in the play) events regarding politics and also bits of Martin as David Lyons during campaigns or making speeches. Today someone shared on instagram a photo of the bts of one of those clips. Click on the photo to view it in full size in the album.

Source: instagram