Pinter 7: The Dumb Waiter opens today

Martin’s new play opens today Thursday 31st January. As we’ve informed before, the play will run until February 23rd.

To get tickets you can go to this page.

Check out this preview of some of the rehearsals on Jamie Lloyd’s Co twitter account:

Pinter 7 consists of 2 parts: A Slight Ache – the first part and The Dumb Waiter (Martin and Danny Dyer’s) which is the second part of the play.

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Martin to star in a new old play for Pinter at the Pinter

A series of plays will be held at the Harold Pinter theatre from September 6 through February 23rd as the 30th anniversary of Nobel prize winner and playwright Harold Pinter called “Pinter at the Pinter”:

More information about this event can be found here.

Martin will star alongside Danny Dyer from Eastenders fame in the last of the set of plays called The Dumb Waiter:

As the image shows, this will run from January 31st through February 23rd. On February 12nd there will be a Q&A as well.

Tickets are on sale here.