BAFTA’s A Life in Pictures: Martin Freeman

BAFTA’s A Life in Pictures: Martin Freeman

Great news for all of us Martin fans. BAFTA has announced through their twitter account that Martin Freeman will be joining them next June 22nd at BAFTA Piccadilly for their now iconic “A Life in Pictures” to talk about his longstanding career across film and television, with credits including Sherlock, The Office and Black Panther.

Source: BAFTA

BBC’s Comic Relief 2019: Team Freeman!

BBC’s Comic Relief 2019: Team Freeman!

Martin is again participating in this year’s BBC’s Comic Relief. He will be part of the “University Challenge” which will broadcast on BBC TWO on March 15 at 10pm UK Time.

The programme’s website – where you will be able to watch it once it’s over from UK IP addresses – is here:

The host of this show will be David Baddiel and will be joined by Martin Freeman as one of the team leaders and Jason Manford as the other one. Also on the teams: Emily Atack, Kerry Godliman, Robert Rinder, Vick Hope, Luisa Omielan and Darren Harriott which will all compete to win in an ultimate quiz.

Interviewed guest at James Graham special

The celebrated playwright James Graham is getting a special programme on BBC One next January 21st at 22:45 UK Time.

During this special, Martin Freeman as well as other guests such as Benedict Cumberbatch and Tamsin Grieg will be interviewed as actors that have worked with James Graham material: Martin and Tamsin in Labour of Love and Benedict in Brexit.

To be able to watch this TV show you will need to be in the UK or have a UK IP. If that’s the case then you should click on this link for the BBC One live URL. Considering the same requirements you can watch the show some minutes after it airs from the iPlayer at the programme’s website.

New photos from Jamie and Jimmy Friday Night Feast

As we’ve posted before, Martin shot some time ago an episode which is going to be the second one from the latest series of the cooking show “Jamie and Jimmy Friday Night Feast”.

We’ve added the photos we’ve gathered so far from the different promos they’ve given us. If more photos turn up we will add them to the same album. Check it out here.

Martin joins others for Stevie Wonder: a musical history

Next Friday (November 30) at 10PM (UK Time) BBC Four will broadcast “Stevie Wonder: a musical history” which will include a participation from Martin who as we all know is a big Stevie Wonder fan.

You can watch it live here or after it airs on the iplayer from the programme’s website. For either case, you will need to be in the UK or have an UK IP address.

More information about Martin’s new tv show Breeders

Yesterday was the first screening of Martin’s new TV Show “Breeders”. One of the viewers reactions can be read in this tweet:

Moreover IMDB is listing Breeders as being in post-production so it’s possible it has been greenlit to go forward which is great news. Although it says “tv movie” we believe that’s an error since it’s been established that it’s a tv show.

And last but not least, we have words from the man itself in a recently published interview for The Telegrah (if you have access to the articles you can read it here, otherwise go here where someone published it):

Created by and starring Freeman, Breeders is about “the stuff in parenting that nice middle-class people just don’t want to talk about, and almost never do,“ he says. “And I can’t quite believe it. I can’t have serious conversations with parents who don’t admit that sometimes they want to throw themselves out of a window – for real!

“I realised when my kids were very, very young that I couldn’t have any more nice north London conversations about how fantastic it was. Yes, of course it is – you love your kids more than anything in the world. But sometimes you want to kill everyone in your house.”