Martin at Build Series: UHQ photos and full video interview

Martin was set to appear at the BuildSeries building for a lengthy 30 minutes interview. And fortunately for us that means not only over 30 minutes of a great and funny and insightful interview with Martin but also photos!

Gallery (11 photos): Martin arriving at his hotel

Gallery (6 photos) – Martin arriving at the AOL building for the Build Series interview

Gallery (4 photos): Photos before and during the interview

You can also check several short videos from BuildSeries instagram stories and other photos on our twitter or instagram accounts.

And last but most definitely not least is the interview itself. Fortunately BuildSeries uploads the full interviews with their guests to their youtube account:

Martin Freeman at the Graham Norton Show

The Graham Norton Show is recorded on Thursdays and it airs the following Friday. That means we get photos from the show a day before it airs! Since Martin’s 2018 appearance on the show is programmed for Friday 13, that means we have photos of the filming of the show today which we’ve uploaded to the gallery.

Click on the photo to access the different photos in glorious UHQ:

Here are some clips from the show from Graham Norton’s channel:

You can watch for 29 days since the air date and only if you are in the UK or have an UK ip address the show here.

Martin interview for Build series

Martin will be doing an interview for Build series in NYC next Thursday 19th at 4pm EDT (that’s UTC -4) until 4:30. The event is already sold out according to this website.

The event will be streamed LIVE at:  http// You can watch previous interviews and they surely will upload Martin’s one on their youtube channel.


New Project: “To Provide All People”

A new project starring Martin Freeman amongst others has been announced by BBC Press twitter account:

The proyect as it says is part of a series of programmes to mark the 70th anniversary of the NHS. In this case, it’s going to be a drama tv movie that will air sometime between 25th June to 8th July. During that period other shows and events will be held as well in relation to this anniversary.

This tv movie is most definitely one of the highlights of the season. As it says in the link provided: “The drama, written by poet Owen Sheers, will “chart the emotional and philosophical map of the NHS and the personal experiences that lie at the heart of the service”.”

We’ll update more information when it becomes available.

Martin and Eddie Piller interview with Jamie Cullum + Jazz Playlist

Martin and Eddie Piller interview with Jamie Cullum that was recorded some time ago, finally aired yesterday.

We got a nice photo for when the recording took place

You can listen back to the interview from the programme’s website which is available for 29 days. Otherwise, you can download the entire show here.

There was also a “Jazz Playlist” that was advertised and it’s a selection from the Jazz on the Corner album and a couple of other ones. You can listen to this playlist on the bbc website here for 29 days. Or you can download it here.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Geoffrey Stoner – Bend Your Head Down Low
  2. Harold McNair – The Hipster
  3. Les McCann – Sad Little Girl
  4. Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers – Kozo’s Waltz
  5. Blossom Dearie – Now At Last
  6. The Brand New Heavies – Sphynx
  7. Gene McDaniels – Cherrystones
  8. Marlena Shaw – Look At Me Look At You
  9. Eddie Harris – Listen Here
  10. Blacks & Blues – Chains
  11. Leon Thomas – Just In Time To See The Sun