If you are a Martin fan, you surely must know how important fashion is for him. Saying he is passionate about clothes is an understatement. You only need to take a look at our Gallery to confirm everything he’s said in every interview where he talks about style, fashion and clothes.

Here we bring you a list of some of his outfits/clothes from different events/shoots. This list is, as everything else, always going to be updated so check it often. You’ll find the list below some of his quotes.

Some of his quotes about clothes and fashion:

“Death to the stylist. Death to the stylist and the people who benefit from them. Death! What offends me is people end up going “Oh, he’s so well dressed.” Saving your presence, GQ does a lot of that. “That man, he’s so well dressed.” Bulls—! See that man when he picks his own f—ing clothes. GQ and other men’s magazines should know a lot better – if you love clothes, go for people who love clothes. You get these identikit f—ing singers, actors, celebs… someone will just come in who knows a lot more about clothes than they do. They shouldn’t be considered best-dressed, their stylist should be best-dressed! It really pisses me off, because I do love clothes and I do care about them. I know it’s not Nelson Mandela, it’s not that important, but it is important. Especially for a magazine and a movement that purports to be about great clothes – celebrate people who love clothes, then.” GQ Magazine, 2013.

This one comes from The Time’s Luxx magazine article:

“You don’t choose your race, you don’t choose your sex, you don’t choose your height, but you choose your armour, what you present to the world.”

“I like people who like clothes. I immediately trust men who are into clothes, even though they could turn out to be horrible people. There is an intelligence around caring about what you wear.”

For Shortlist magazine he said:

“I’ve been into what I’ve been into since I was about nine years old [the mod style]. And I’ve always loved clothes. Even before I had money, I went charity shopping. So I’ve always had an eye for clothes.

“People see me walking around town and I look a certain way. I don’t expect other people to be into it. If everyone became a mod, I would probably become a rocker. Because that’s the mod thing to do. It’s about being an individual. It shouldn’t be about a uniform.”

March 01 2016Shopping at Tribeca, NY
May 25 2017Opening Lewes Depot Cinema
June 07 2017Jocks & Nerds Magazine
June 09 2017Black Panther Trailer
June 21 2017Baby Driver Premiere
July 31 2017Fan encounter at NY
August 2 2017Vodafone Comercial
"The chase"
March 18 2018Empire Awards 2018
March 2018The Jackal Magazine
October 2 2017Labour of Love SD
February 2018Vodafone ad (V by Vodafone)
2017Black Panther filming
March 28 2018Magic FM radio interview
March 24 2013Empire Awards
February 2018Black Panther Press Junket (London)
July 19 2015Giffoni Film Festival
May 8, 2016BAFTA TV Awards 2016
November 2017Jazz on the corner album
July 6 2012James Stenson Photoshoot