Martin about how his character deals with Klaw and Zemo interviewed Martin during a set visit last year and one of the things that they discussed is the difference in which his character Everett K. Ross deals with Klaw (Black Panther’s baddie) and Zemo (Captain America Civil War baddie).

He said:

He wants him definitely on his radar to do future business, because he’d rather know where crazy guys like that are in the world than just let him go or have nothing to do with him. That was the interesting thing about playing those things with Andy Serkis. Because, normally, [Ross] has a lot of status in any room he comes in. He assumes that status, I think. And he has no idea how to deal with Klaw, because Klaw is a lunatic, he’s insane.

I just have to contain this. I have to get what information I can. I want him coming back to me as opposed to what T’Challa wants to do with him. He sees him as a direct threat to his country. Whereas for me, it’s interesting, because Klaw keeps me in touch with other bad guys in the world.

Regarding the intensity of the scenes Martin said:

There was no way that, I as Martin, or me as Ross, could top that. Then you would just have two insane fucking people going crazy and the scene wouldn’t contain it, but Andy is extremely good at that wrong footing, keeping you guessing stuff. I think Ross doesn’t like … he’s a pretty powerful guy, he doesn’t like being wrong-footed in his own kitchen and that’s kind of what happened with Klaw.

Black Panther World Premiere in Hollywood

The Black Panther World Premiere will be held today at the Dolby Theatre Theatre on Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood. The time is set at 7PM PST (convert to your timezone here).

Martin Freeman as well as most of the cast is expected to attend according to MaximoTV.

Edit: The Red Carpet is streamed LIVE from from 9PM EST / 7PM PST.

Martin visits Conan

Exciting news as Martin is set to be one of Conan O’Brian’s guests next Tuesday 30 of January to talk about Black Panther. They mention on the website:

Martin Freeman stars in the upcoming Marvel film “Black Panther.” We have so many questions about the movie, but we have a feeling a Marvel spy will appear out of thin air as soon as we approach him.

Conan is aired on TBS at 11pm Eastern Time. You can use this website to check what time it is for you.

We imagine that this means that Martin might be attending tomorrow’s Black Panther Los Angeles Premiere.

Everett K. Ross Marvel’s character profile

The following character profile comes directly from Marvel’s, and it includes some very neat quotes from Martin himself:

About Everett K. Ross: A CIA agent who was last seen interrogating Zemo, Ross soon finds that he’s on the trail of the same villain recently resurfaced from T’Challa’s past. Ross is pulled into the wondrous world of Wakanda and finds himself aligned with T’Challa against international forces threatening to destroy Wakanda.

Martin Freeman reprises the character of Agent Everett Ross in a surprising turn as an ally, albeit a reluctant one, to T’Challa. “There’s real sense of nobility to him,” cites Moore of Ross’ détente with T’Challa. “There’s a mutual respect between Ross and T’Challa as they reluctantly team up to pursue Klaue. Ross isn’t the requisite
government suit who acts as the obstructionist.”

Martin about joining Black Panther:

“From my point of view, obviously I knew Ross, my character, was going to have more to do. I think Ross is an interesting character, and the slight difference between what was on the page with Ross in the comics and what we’re doing here is interesting. It’s going to be a little bit straighter, I suppose, if not darker.”

Martin about liking his character:

“I like his authority. I like his status, actually. I like the fact that he doesn’t care about offending people. I think he doesn’t care about where his jurisdiction is because his jurisdiction is everywhere as far
as he’s concerned. So I like that; giving yourself license just to go and act like the most
powerful person in the room.”