Lucca Film Festival Award red carpet and award show

During the evening and before Martin presented Ghost Stories followed up by a q&a, there was a red carpet and award show.

We’ve uploaded the photos from the festival’s facebook page to our gallery. Check them out by clicking the photo below:

You can watch the livestream of the red carpet here.

You can watch the award ceremony here:

Here’s another version:

And you can also watch the full meet and greet with the public here:

Here is a 360º video of the red carpet and briefly the award ceremony:

Lucca Film Festival Press Conference – UHQ pics and videos

This morning a press conference was held for the Lucca Film Festival to which Martin was invited to receive an award and also present Ghost Stories with a brief q&a afterwards.

We’ve added 12 UHQ photos from the press conference, as well as other photos from the Festivals facebook page. We’ve posted on both our instagram and twitter account other photos taken by fans which you should check out too.

Check out our gallery by clicking any of the photos below:

There are a few videos:

  1. It’s a short but good summary of the press conference. The pro is that it’s in HD and it has some nice close ups of Martin. The cons is that there’s an interpreter talking on top of him so you can’t really hear what he’s saying 🙁 We published some screenshots in this thread.
  2. Full press conference. The pros of this video is that it’s the full press conference and it’s in english so you can understand what he says. The cons is that the video even though it’s in HD it does not look much HD and it’s a bit saturated color-wise, also the audio is not that good.

Some short clips are available from facebook page for specific questions:

Mike Priddle’s music tasteFighting between Smaug, Ghost or ZombiesA paranormal experience on set of Ghost StoriesBelieving in the paranormal.

There was also an interview for Rai Toscana, which you can watch on their website, or here. Unfortunately Martin’s voice is covered by an interpreter in Italian:


Black Panther Digital and Blu-Ray release date

Chadwick Boseman gave us this great news: Black Panther is finally coming to Digital release next May 8th, followed by the Blu-ray/DVD release on May 15th!

We’re expecting some behind the scenes or gag reels and other clips close to those release dates.



Martin at Romics Festival Photos

Martin was at Romics Festival in Rome on Saturday 7 and Sunday 8. On Saturday there was a public and general forum and on Sunday he received an award for his work. He’s the first actor to receive the Romics D’Oro!

We’ve uploaded the photos available from Romics facebook page to our gallery. Click on any of the samples below to access the entire album and view them in full size.

Brief clip of Martin at Romics for Rai News and Cinefilos

A summary of Romics festival was made by italian tv channel Rai. It includes a short clip of Martin:

You can watch the video here. Unfortunately you can’t hear much of Martin as there’s the italian interpreter speaking on top of his voice (unless you speak Italian in which case you’ll get an idea of what he’s saying). We’ve also uploaded the video in case it gets deleted:

There was also another interview for “Cinefilos” which you can watch here:

New image from Ode to Joy

John Jones who was in charge of makeup in Ode to Joy posted a new photo from the filming. This one shows Martin and the caption reads:

“The talented Martin Freeman performing his own stunts for the Ole to Joy filming in Manhattan this past summer”.

Click on the photo to view it in full size: