Soul on the Corner cover and pre-order

We finally have news about Martin and Eddie Piller’s new compilation album: “Martin Freeman and Eddie Piller present Soul on the Corner”.

Let’s get to what most of us were waiting for and that is the album cover! This beautiful blue wall contrasts perfectly with Martin and Eddie’s matching outfits. A simple design and color palette that reminds us of the Blue Notes Records cover designs.

Soul on the Corner Cover Art. Photograph by Dean Chalkley.

You can preorder the album from the following:

Take into account that as indicated in Acid Jazz page, the track list for the CD version is different from the LP one. We’ve created a playlist with the LP tracklist – not all songs are available though mind: Spotify

Martin and Eddie Piller interview with Jamie Cullum + Jazz Playlist

Martin and Eddie Piller interview with Jamie Cullum that was recorded some time ago, finally aired yesterday.

We got a nice photo for when the recording took place

You can listen back to the interview from the programme’s website which is available for 29 days. Otherwise, you can download the entire show here.

There was also a “Jazz Playlist” that was advertised and it’s a selection from the Jazz on the Corner album and a couple of other ones. You can listen to this playlist on the bbc website here for 29 days. Or you can download it here.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Geoffrey Stoner – Bend Your Head Down Low
  2. Harold McNair – The Hipster
  3. Les McCann – Sad Little Girl
  4. Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers – Kozo’s Waltz
  5. Blossom Dearie – Now At Last
  6. The Brand New Heavies – Sphynx
  7. Gene McDaniels – Cherrystones
  8. Marlena Shaw – Look At Me Look At You
  9. Eddie Harris – Listen Here
  10. Blacks & Blues – Chains
  11. Leon Thomas – Just In Time To See The Sun


Martin Freeman and Eddie Piller sit in for Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show

Martin and Eddie sat in for Craig Charles weekly funk and soul show today at BBC Radio 6 studios in Manchester.

You can listen to the show again on the iplayer on the programme’s website. Also you can download the entire show by clicking here. There’s a spotify playlist here, too.

In the programme’s website linked above you can also find the track list (and also below the cut).

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New radio Martin Freeman and Eddie Piller radio interview

Besides the interview that Martin gave Craig Charles today, Martin and Eddie have given an interview to Jamie Cullum, a radio DJ from BBC Radio 2 who has a radio show on Tuesdays from 7pm to 8pm. We suppose that the interview that was recorded today will be broadcast next week. But we are waiting for some official confirmation as to the release date.

We’re lucky to get a photo though from this recording, click on the photo to view it in full size:


Martin Freeman interview with Craig Charles

Martin was scheduled to be interviewed at Radcliffe and Maconie’s show on BBC Radio Music 6 today, Friday 6th. However RadMac had to step out due to illness and Craig Charles – a very popular funk and soul DJ who has 2 shows on this same radio – stepped in instead.

The interview lasted 30 minutes and they played 3 of the songs from Martin’s selection from the upcoming jazz compilation “Martin Freeman and Eddie Piller present Jazz on the Corner” from Acid Jazz Records.

Martin wasn’t present with Craig in the studios as he was in London recording another interview for Jamie Cullum, but luckily this photo was taken as he was being interviewed by Craig. Click on the photo to access it in full size:

The interview is fun and easy going and full of great quotes and some interesting insights:

  • Martin doesn’t go to gigs so much as before, he prefers recorded music.
  • He doesn’t like atonal jazz so much, he prefers melodies and tunes.
  • He doesn’t go to record stores as much as before due to his limited time.
  • He “loves music more than anything in the world”.
  • He likes “people interested in stuff”.
  • He likes to make playlists when he’s doing an acting job. He chose a more punk based playlist for when he was doing Richard III, for example.
  • He likes to take his time when listening to a new record, and not let life interfere.
  • Some cheekiness from him when Craig says he’s rubbing his mod style scarf, got this from Martin: “Thank you for thinking of me while rubbing it”.

You can listen to the interview from the programme’s website here (only available for 30 days). It starts around the 1 hour 45 minutes mark, with one of Martin’s selections. You can download the interview here too.

We received 2 exciting news from this show as well:

  1. There will be a Volume 2 of the Jazz on the Corner compilation. No dates, just the fact that there will be another one. Isn’t that great?!
  2. Martin and Eddie will be sitting in for Craig in his Saturday radio show next March 31st (6pm to 9pm) on BBC Radio 6. Exciting!