Breeders renewed for a 2nd season

Breeders renewed for a 2nd season

Great news for all the cast and crew (and fans) of Breeders as it has been picked up for a second season!

Martin Freeman said in a statement: “So pleased we get another go at Breeders. I reckon the next one will be even better. It’s such a pleasure working with this team… we’ll see you all soon. Well, not soon. But at some point, honest.”

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Breeders has begun filming

Martin’s upcoming FX tv series “Breeders” – which he is the co-creator of – has begun filming in London.

A spring principal photography was announced some months ago and it’s finally happening!

We’ve uploaded a new gallery of Martin filming in London which you can check out by accessing the album here.

Also, some tweet reports:

Breeders is GO!

We finally have some news about Breeders and it’s the best ones: Breeders has been officially confirmed.

Deadline published today that FX & Sky Team will be teaming up and they picked up the 10 part show that will air in 2020. The show is going to be produced by Avalon Television (producers of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and Catastrophe).

We finally have more information regaring the plot: Breeder exposes the paradox of parenting where it is possible, in the same moment, to love your child, while being angry at them. Martin Freeman will star as a caring father discovering he’s not quite the man he thought he was. The pilot was filmed sometime around March when we first heard the news.

Martin said about the proyect that he’s co-creator, producer and will star in it as well:

I’m excited to be making Breeders with a team that can make me laugh while we look at some of the less-discussed truths and challenges of being a parent. I really love this project and am delighted to be working with FX and Sky.

You can read more in Deadline’s article.

More information about Martin’s new tv show Breeders

Yesterday was the first screening of Martin’s new TV Show “Breeders”. One of the viewers reactions can be read in this tweet:

Moreover IMDB is listing Breeders as being in post-production so it’s possible it has been greenlit to go forward which is great news. Although it says “tv movie” we believe that’s an error since it’s been established that it’s a tv show.

And last but not least, we have words from the man itself in a recently published interview for The Telegrah (if you have access to the articles you can read it here, otherwise go here where someone published it):

Created by and starring Freeman, Breeders is about “the stuff in parenting that nice middle-class people just don’t want to talk about, and almost never do,“ he says. “And I can’t quite believe it. I can’t have serious conversations with parents who don’t admit that sometimes they want to throw themselves out of a window – for real!

“I realised when my kids were very, very young that I couldn’t have any more nice north London conversations about how fantastic it was. Yes, of course it is – you love your kids more than anything in the world. But sometimes you want to kill everyone in your house.”


Martin shot a pilot for a new comedy tv series called Breeders

Martin has shot the pilot of what could be come his first TV comedy in almost a decade. The pilot is for a show called Breeders (for the BBC and FX networks in the US) that originated in a dream as he told Jocks and Nerds magazine last year (summer edition):

‘I’ve got a comedy thing in the pipeline that I’m helping to create’ he told Jocks and Nerds magazine last year. ‘Based on a dream I had, actually. It was sort of true, true about the way I feel about something. So I’m getting together with a very good writer and a very good director and we’re hammering that out at the moment.’

The pilot is also starring Michael Gambon and Daisy Haggard. It was written by Simon Blackwell (writer on The Thick of It, Veep) and was directed by The Inbetweeners’ Ben Palmer. Further information regarding the pilot’s plot is not yet informed neither is his role.

It was filmed in London during January, with locations including a tapas restaurant in Twickenham. However, the pilot will not be broadcast. Fingers crossed it’s greenlit and makes it to series.

Source: Chortle